Bring On the Girliness!!!!!

i am absolutely in love with being a girl.

i love make up, and doing my hair, and clothing. I am not addicted to these things and i don't waste my life savings on them, i just like to add nice touches to make my inner femininity come out.

its always nice to change it up too, i tend to be a fan of black because i look good in it. But its so nice to sometimes wear a really bright color like teal or fuchsia, it brightens up my face and its a nice change from the norm. i also like to curl my hair from time to time. there is nothing sexier about a women than one who can wear nice spiral curls with confidence, its beautiful. and i love to experiment with my make up. smoky eyes for evening, fun eye shadow for the day. its nice to look good..and I'm so glad i get to express these things with being a woman.

i wear perfumes and lotions, but never like 25 sprays like the people you cant stand being next to for too long because you think you are going to choke on their perfume/cologne. subtly is wonderful..a hit on things is much better than being over powering

i think every woman should embrace their femininity, how ever much of it you have. you don't have to be a model to be gorgeous in your own way. we all have something unique and wonderful to offer, as soon as you believe that your loveliness will shine through

: )

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6 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I adore femmininity I dress up female as often as possible. I love to get rid of my body hairt to spray my body with femme scents to wear sexy lingerie satin evening gowns ,wedding gowns <br />
sleep in night gowns on satin sheets. Be as female as poossible. Make up, should be subtle during the day but extreme for night time. Going out to meet others and be accepted is all part of living the dream

Um, I'm surprised that more men don't want to dress up like women. I mean men are soooo limited in what they can wear and they don't really get to accessorize or wear makeup. If I was a man I'd be jealous of women because it's so much fun.

What do you all think about a guy that loves to let his inner woman come out? I'm a straight, happily married male, When I dress up like a girl I feel pretty and I do have a female side. She is sweeter that the guy and understands women much better. I have loved to crossdress every since I was a little boy. I love the beauty of a woman and the beautiful fashions. My wife loves it too because I go shopping more with her now and I don't complain about new shoes even if the closet is full to the max. I'm not a fat lonely slob who is looking for a thrill. I'm a good looking, in shape, man who is very curious about what a real girl thinks of a crossdressing straight man. My wifes opinion is bias because she loves me and knows who I am. I would welcome any comments good or bad from a unbias female. Keep in mind that I don't get any sexual thrill from crossdressing but I do get a sense of understanding the greatest mystery of a mans universe. The mind of a woman. ( I think I do, I hope I do).

It's what we are.... it's who we be!!!! :-) You rock!!!

i try as much as possible1

"love women who love being paper bags" ROFLMAO!!!!!!<br />
Well some men are a little more discriminating, take me for example; I really do prefer that the woman I'm with is breathing! The paper bag's dry rustle and lack of warmth just turns me off. Of course in a pinch....