Addicted To Financial Domination

i met a girl at a webcamsite 4 years ago, and after a while she saw and i told her i was into financial domination.
first i was asked to help her with a dentist visit. She kindly asked for a loan on 500 euros i sent her 600 euros as a gift.
since then it has developed.
first with monthly gifts sent to her bank to bank.
now she has my password for my internet bank and after agreeing on how many money i need for food and clothes and the normal things like rent she takes everything else.
at the moment that is about 1000 to 1700 euros per month.
she has my address my familys names and addresses (dad and my little sister) and name and number to my work too.
when she gets on cam i am willing to everything and if i try stay away just for 1 day my body starts shaking like crazy and i feel like i have no power and i know i have to come online.
once i managed stay away 1 day without telling her and next day when i came in the office for ending my day i was told there was a phone message for me from a girl with a nice accent.
even though she left no number or any other information i knew why she called and at that moment i felt so weak and i strangely became happy in some way mixed with being horrified thinking what could have happened.
i will never get out of this.
from sweetlittlemoneybitch
sweetlittlemoneybitch sweetlittlemoneybitch 41-45, M 1 Response Jul 12, 2013

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love to know who this girl was and which site u met her on