Food, has been addiction for years now, ever since i was a kid. i was always the fat kid. i hated it. i would try dieting and not eating certain foods and cutting back, within 2 weeks i always cave. the most i've ever lost was 20 pounds and after i gained back 40. i cannot stop, i just LOVE food. and i dont like many "healthy" foods either, idk why. gosh, i love french fries (mcdonalds has the best!) and donuts omgosh cheesecake, brownies, sweets are my fav, i'm gonna have to eat now just thinking about it. hello my name is____, and i'm a food-a-holic. ...i finallly said screw it, i like food to much, and being fat i dont mind it anymore, i actually enjoy it. :)
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2011

im same as you but wish i could have the same attitude! i can't just say screw it, i feel too fat and do you overcome that? are you obese like me?

Mmmm I'm hungry! I'm gonna get fed now!