I suppose my food addiction started as a form of comfort since I was even able to start eating solid food. Any time I cried or needed an emotional comfort my mother would stuff food in my face. She still tries that to this day, even with her pets. So now that I'm older and moved away from her, I've been able to drop quite a bit of the weight and was doing fine on my own. I'd still occasionally binge maybe once a week. I've recently went on antidepressants and have easily gained 15 solid pounds in almost 2 months. The doctor rolled his eyes and huffed like it wasn't a big deal. Its a big deal to me when I can barely fit into my clothes any more.
Pizza is always a favourite. Along with any type of sweets, cakes, pies and homemade fried chicken. I thought I had this under control. I'm not sure if I want to feel happy yet really heavy, or find a non medicinal way to overcome depression while being able to control my food cravings.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Being fatter is enjoyable.