Food And Energy

I like food,
I like the energy
which it contains.

Here in Germany
every food has its energy-value
printed on the package.

It is said
that you need each day
2000 kcal of energy
for a healthy life.

I tried to imagine
how much energy
2000 kcal are.

2000 kcal are circa 8 Million Joule,
which is also Energy.

1 Joule is 1 Newtonmeter.

1 Newtonmeter is
when you carry 100g
1 Meter far.

So 2000 kcal
are 8.000.000 Newtonmeter
and this is like
carrying 800.000 kg 1 meter.

Or like 800 tons carrying one meter.

This was impressive for me,
because it showed me
how much food is worth.
Iamwithu Iamwithu
22-25, M
Dec 1, 2012