Busting a Binge

I'm trying to bust a binge before it gets any worse. I bought a bag of "to go" perogies from the chicken warmer at the grocery store today. I just finished off 8 fried pockets of dough with mashed potatoes and cheese. Now I've got the horrible urge to keep eating. I'm sitting here writing this in hope that this will help me stop and get past my cravings that are plaguing me right now. I'm staring at all my yarn and jewelry supplies, but I've got no urge to pick up any of my in progress projects. I don't even feel like playing a game on the computer or the Wii. I need to keep my hands and mind busy to stop this in it's tracks.
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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

It's the worst freaking feeling in the world. You are not alone in this. I hate myself for this weakness of gluttony. Some people drink, do drugs. Food is my drug and being on steroids only make it worse :-( <br />
Say, what store did you get those hot perogies from? Do they have butter and onions? Can you save me a couple? I can furnish the butter and onions. Oh and I have some fresh mascerated strawberries and a dallop of cream! :-)