1086 And Counting

At first, I was playing Freecell to train for Solitaire but then I ended up getting hooked... XD The first time I palyed it, it was on one of our old laptops and I didn't like using the undo button so I lost about one in three games but then I got obsessed with making it to 99% so I just kept playing and playing. I got a new laptop and I did the same thing but then it froze and erased all memory so I saw that as a chance to make it to 99 and possibly 100. By that point, I had played about 500 games.

I started using the undo button and I wouldn't stop using it until I didn't need it anymore so now, about one in five games of mine are used with the undo button. And now, I take about 5 minutes to finish a game on average if the game was a bit hard, haha.

Once I start a game, I can't stop. After my 1000th win, I decided to start playing the games in sequence and my next game is game # 82 =D
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

I believe we are soul mates lol I tried doing it in sequence but the memory got cleared :( I think I love you lol