I'm Addicted To Dying My Hair.

This summer I decided I want to go platinum. I was dying my from black hair to platinum and I knew that even with 40 volume cream devolper it wouldn't go that light. In the past week I have bleached my hair over eight times. I knew it was a horrible thing, but I couldn't stop. The last time I bleached my hair was a couple days ago. When I was washing the bleach out in the shower I looked at my hand and saw a huge chunk of my hair that had come out. I started bawling my eyes out. When my hair dried it was all crispy so I decided to deep condition it hoping it would help. I washed out the conditioner and hour later and my ends were still breaking off. Over two inches of my ends have ripped off, but I still want to keep dying my hair. I have urges to do it all the time, but I don't want to go bald. I think I need help. D:
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Hi my name is dean I'm 33 years old and im also addicted to dying my hair so much so I can't even remember what my original colour is I think I dye it so much to make up for my extremely small penis! I'm so depressed I even dye my pubic hair I really need help any ideas thanks?

Join me and we can do each others hair!! Mike in Ireland!

I understand. I've colored my hair over a dozen times this month. At the moment I have ombre hair which is dark roots and really light ends. I'm nursing my hair back to health and allowing the natural color to come in. I know it's hard. I can't walk past a hair coloring aisle without buying something...praying it will look just right. It will never be the way I want. It is an addiction, a compulsion and your only going to go deeper into the hole if you continue coloring. Find a low maintenance color and please leave it be. You'll be a new person with great hair in a few months time. Set a goal for yourself to color in 6 weeks and then when that day arrives push it another 6 weeks. Break the cycle. Good luck!