Cant Help It!!!!

I cant help it, i am completely addicted to dying my hair!. Ever since the end of grade 6 i started dying my hair, since then it was one ever 4 months, then went too 2 months in grade 8 and then every month up until grade 10 and now since i am done highschool it was pretty much every other week i would do my dye my hair! i cant help it now. i need to dye it, i get SO bored with it. i need to do something. little bleach here, little streak there, some bright colours there, and now my hair is so fragile, and im trying to go close to white. Last colour i have died it was a dark colour, so i bleached it and now the ends are breaking and im worried and its orange! i have one more try to die it before i go on vacation and i want to get it as close as possible or else i donno what to do. i need serious help, haha i am itching to dye it or bleach it again! urrgggg so fustrating...

xoxjustaddictedxox xoxjustaddictedxox
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2010