I've been thinking... Maybe people with high sex drives are 'normal' and those with 'normal' normal sex drives are missing something. A high sex drive is different to sex addiction, I know. But I just can't relate to anyone with a normal sex drive, I just don't get it and it agitates me. Especially in relationships; I get busy with work and uni, but I always have time for sex at least twice a day. But if a partner doesn't want to have sex every day at least once, I consider there is something wrong with their health, emotionally or physically.
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Im always craving for sex at least twice a day maybe more

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Seriously, me too! My fiance is okay with once (or less) a week but I think about sex every day and want to come home to it. It is very frustrating :(

Yeah I have never had a partner that has the same sex drive as me. Even in high school a boyfriend I had at age 16, when we broke up he had told our friends all I cared about was sex. A 16 yr old boy was complaining of having sex all the time?! I couldn't understand.

I couldn't agree more. There are all sorts of reasons for people to have a lower drive, some medical problems, some personality issues, even some hormonal problems and psychological issues. I like what you had to say, and agree!

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