My Way to Connect!

I need hugs, like I need oxygen! It's needed! :-D

Not just for romantic relationships, mind you... But I often hug my family, my father-figure (Mr. Bernard), and friends! Though my friends of the past, they really didn't deserve hugs, for they were so mean to me. But a person cries or is upset or just need a hug... I'm there! And it's my favorite greeting too! When I meet a person (doesn't matter if it's for the first time or not), I like to hug them! Heehee! Like my aunts, my nephews, my brothers. :-)

I don't know why... but I didn't get many hugs, when I was growing up. I need to be close with a person and just is my way to be so. It's how I show all love to others. They day I turn down a hug, is a day that I'm seriously going through some turmoil. :-o

Let's hope that day never comes. ;-)

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

Hug! I hope you never get over your addiction.