How Did I Get to This Point?

Hey everyone,

I am 23 years old and I am addicted to laxatives.  And i cant believe this but its been three years now that I have been taking them.  I started of only taking a couple of them per day and at one point I was taking like maybe 20 per day depending on what I ate.  I think that i first gotten addicted because i would eat really heathly and take the laxatives and I did get really thin.  Then i stopped eating healthy but i was taking more laxatives.  Everytime I had to run to the bathroom I would just hate myself and didnt know why i was doing this to myself!  It was very embarrasing cuz my family knew I was doing this and I was just really embarrassed.  Not to mention I went out one night and before i went out i took like 9 pills plus the ones i had taken earlier that day well i had a little too much to drink that night and got too drunk and went to sleep on my friends bed and i woke up and **** my pants.  I wanted to day at that point!!!  That was the worst point in my life but it didnt stop me from taking the laxative pills.  I was addicted!!!  Well i stopped taking them for a few months cuz i moved in with my boyfriend but i have been gaining a lot of weight so i just started taking them again and i really dont want to but I guess i just have an addiction to them.  I really dont want my bf to know about this either so i cant keep taking them!!  I need help. 

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

awful!!!! also using them for almost 3 years. first year took about 2/3 a day. then i had a littleb break because i didnt eat at all, i only drank strawberry milk every day. but then started to eat again and felt so quilty that i had to start take laxatives again. now i take abut 5/6 a day. i feel so sad and ashamed also! espeacially cause im living with my boyfriend and i think he hasnt realised the size of my problem. jut feel alone in here :( i really want to stop. but just cant get rid of this habit....sad,sad,sad.

i know exactly what you're going through. I am also very addicted to laxatives and some days i feel so ashamed i cry. i just couldn't believe how badly i was damaging my body and the worst part is..i am quite young. But do a lot of research, try to get convinced. Laxatives can easily cause irregular heart beats and lead to death..thats what scared me. i know what ur going though but try to challenge yourself you'll feel better if you eat healthy and you will certainly be saved by that awful, sickening feeling of needing to **** your pants.

hi there, you sound like you're going through a tough time as well. i am also addicted to them.. don't they ruin you :( ughh.. stay positive. maybe talk to your boyfriend? i told my best friend the other day about my problems and shes been so supportive. i know its difrent when its your bf of course.. but talking to someone DOES make it feel that tiny bit less worrying, cuz then you're not alone.<br />
take care of yourself (:

I used to be when I was teen. Until someone sat down and told me that if I kept it up, I would have to use one of those bags someday, and at a young age. It took me a while to ease off of them but I did. <br />
But then I turned to starving myself, so that wasn't any better.