19 Years...

Ive been abusing laxatives for 19 years now.

started when I was 18 to help lose weight.

I'm what the term-bulimarexic. I eat like an anorexic, and purge like a bulimic would.

I have a lazy colon now, or atonic colon. Even when I am trying to not use them, I end up having to because I can go as long as 2 weeks or more without have a bowel movement of any sort.

Sad thing is, that I am addicted to the feel that I get after wards, the total empty. Once I start, its like I cant stop,and the number of pills increases with every passing day.

Ive walked away from many things in my life, but my disorder, Ive never been able to walk away from...

That's my story, in short version.

BijouEcho BijouEcho
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

How about enemas instead of all the pills,,