... Yeah.

Line Rider is a widespread, very popular game(rather, a gadget, for no one wins or loses.) Typically, you draw a line from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right corner and watch a sled man go down it. Someone decided to take it to the next level and added loopy-loops and ramps and backflips and noserides and long-falls. I got instantly hooked when I found out about it. Now, all I ever do is play Line Rider(though being here kind of nullifies that.) Day in and day out, when I'm not busy, I am playing Line Rider. Basically, I'm at it a good chunk of my life(as if I even have one.) Sometimes, it even gets in the way of personal hygiene and maintenance. And excercise, for sure. I'm fourteen and weigh a hundred seventy-five pounds. Although, the weight problem didn't start with Line Rider... Anyway, I'm addicted to Line Rider. That's my story.
Frito Frito
18-21, M
Jun 16, 2007