That's All I Use...

If I can help it.  Sometimes I have to go into Windows to do some maintenance, but that's it.  Everthing else I do in Ubuntu.  There is one Windows program my wife and I need:  it's Fuji Finepix, but I got it to run under WINE in linux.

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I use Ubuntu too. Long Live Ubuntu!!!!!!!<br />
Some companies like phone companies nokia, motorola etc need to take linux and especially ubuntu seriously. Ubuntu has a huge user base.<br />
In our college lab Window vista crashes often on HP intel v pro machines(core 2 duo ones are more reliable) and usually we boot up from ubuntu live cd to pick up the important data files. The recovery system of vista simply fails at times. There nothing to do except to do a reformat. I have used ubuntu for about three years now and it is very very reliable, never reached a state where a reformat was the only option.<br />
I love the wifi support too. The default drivers 'just work'. I use wifi on my compaq 6710b as well as a thinkcenter desktop.

There is also VMware. It's the same concept, but it's less like an application and more web based (on the local network).<br />
<br />
It's a free download:<br />
<br />

That's a nice story well I heard about something called virtual box which can replace the need for a double boot. you can use it as a virtual machine under linux to install a windows OS like this you get more security and protection from viuses and other malware...