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Well It started like this I had always heard linux here and there. Most of the time I heard it from professionals and it was like that thing that only some elite people knew about at the time around year 2000 and there was this huge millenium thing worrying the global enterprises, and linux was pretty much the talk of the town as for the ease and flexibility of updating and modifying its kernel. I got very excited for the idea that there is actually an operating system that I can personalize to my own needs without having to pay large sums of money but rather I'd enjoy sharing my new tricks with a multitude of people who love computers as much as I do. So I started digging up and at the time it wasn't that easy to find linux experts to teach us the tips and tricks of it all. But it was untill 2003 that I really got into linux I met that linux teacher who also happens to be a genius who's making his life repairing linux based servers for large enterprises. I took his courses and little by little it got to me... Linux isn't just an opereating system it's a way of living it's about sharing and giving without return, it's about being happy to see the fruits of your contribution to a project. It's about just being there for one another and helping build somthing beautiful. i compare to how in western movies the whole community used to gather and help each other build that town church so that they can share it later on. that's Linux for me! Well now I'm mainly using ubuntu/Windows XP but really planning to install virtual box and run win xp under linux although these days my projects are mainly microsoft based I'm seriously considering a quality move. I have linux installed on my desktop and my Pentium 4 laptop and it's working on almost anything that has a cpu. Even once we let it run on an old Pentium 1 and it was performing better than windows XP on a pentium 4. Wonderful is the world of linux and I'm addicted to it ...
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exactly they're way too heavy plus they already allocate all the ressources and for what? garbage ... I cannot imagine my PC without linux. under windows it was literally dying I popped in ubuntu and now it's working faster than a core 2 duo under vista :D

...And let me see any Windows run on a 50mb footprint like Damn Small Linux, or Puppy Linux, which can run on a Pentium 1.

exactly to know that the most important servers in the world run on unix/linux based OS makes u know how important having that OS is for anyone. <br><br />
plus it's freeware!!! no more renewing your license or worrying about piracy. and how light it is on a computer is wonderful to me I mean windows vista has the graphics almost as nice as ubuntu but it takes so many ressources 19GB of hard disk 2GB of RAM I mean seriousley they're realy getting mad or something!! when linux was at its best performance we had pIII's and it ran like a dream ...

Wow...<br />
I started hearing about Linux in 2002. Someone at work gave me a Mandrake disc and told me that it was a free OS. For maybe 3-4 years, I tried all kinds of distros. It wasn't until the end of 2007 that I realized all the community surrounding Linux. I started listening to a few Linux/Tech podcasts, and started thinking that there are more Linux users than the market share numbers dictate. It's supposedly only 1%, but what people don't count on is how many em<x>bedded devices that it's on.