Its Outrageous

I went grocery shopping today with my mom and she was so impressed with the way I haggled, compared prices,and this that and the other to make sure I was able to buy the most groceries without spending too much. So she drops me off, I go put away the groceries and cook dinner and when I get done, I'm counting what's left of my cash and it hits me: I FORGOT TO BUY SCRATCH TICKETS AT THE GROCERY STORE! So I run over to K-Mart and without thinking twice I pump ten bucks into the machine and buy a five, three, and two dollar ticket. I did this the other day and won forty-three bucks. Same amount spent on the same tickets, it was the easiest forty-three bucks I've ever made. Today, not so lucky. All three tickets were losers. I'm out ten bucks. Which doesn't seem like much but I'm unemployed at the moment so every dollar counts. When I had a job, taking the night's tips and spending them all on scratchers didn't seem like much either. It amuses me how surprised I become when I buy losers. I become flabbergasted like its never happened to me before. To give you an idea of how bad of a problem this has become for me check this; I made a collage out of losing scratch tickets. And I love this ******* collage too death, its like momentarily my most priced possession. So i know they're a rip off, and I'm generally a money smart individual.  But when it comes to those odds- ten bucks can put me out ten bucks or I can gain forty- I'm a sucker.  
wonkey wonkey
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I am to the point where I will end up winning or die trying I have tried everything to be able to win. It just never happens for me. I have tried countless things for 20 years. I have ruined my life and now am too far gone I think. I literally am waiting to win or end up dying. I wish I was dead and not have to bother anymore with dreaming of winning. I don't get how you put everything into making soething happen and you still don't get what you want.

a coworker of mine spends her ENTIRE PAYCHECK on scratch offs. Her husband gets a retirement check from the Army and also works in Civil Service. She makes more than 14.00 an hour and works 40 hours a week, do the math. What is so funny is that if she hits a big one, like 2,000.00 which she has maybe twice now in the 6 yrs that I've known her, she THINKS she's won BIG TIME! But she hasn't, we all know that, don't we? She even has to waste her gas to drive down to Austin to claim that BIG ONE! And takes time off of work to do so. So, in reality, she's just has a serious gambling problem, as well as being an alcoholic too! I recently found out that she's also blown through their savings of $10,000.00!!! How sad is that? And yet, she still thinks she's 'WINNING'...BUT THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS, the suckers that play the scratch offs are the losers.