Im A Dumb Dumb

I dont understand why i do it i spend at least 4-5 hundred a week today alone i spent 200. How can i kick this habit? Or should i keep going untill i win my money back.
tanquerayman tanquerayman
4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

You are not a dumb dumb.. That is the problem. You don't think very highly of yourself and that is why you continue to sabotage yourself. you have to love yourself enough to stop putting yourself through what you are going through with the lottery scratch offs. There are hundreds of millions of people buying these scratch offs and only a handful win. I have the same problem buying them and am trying to convince myself to stop.

You'll never win it back cut your ties with the lottery and just think how many times you wanted to win off a scratcher what you walked in the store with in the first place I know I've walked that road many days now I'm in counseling and lost all respect and trust from all family members I grew tired of the devil being my best friend now I'm putting the pieces back together

Im getting to the silly stage of scratchcards too - im stuck in this stupid hole and theres no way out

Same here:(