Too Much Spent-too Much Lost

I buy $30.00's worth of scratch offs per day--sometimes more. I win--I lose--I buy more with the winnings and buy even more in hopes of winning more. I do use money i can't afford to lose, but am dumbfounded by the control this habit/addiction has over me. I alternate stores so that I am not embarrassed by going into the same stores again and again. I would like to stop. I told my therapist about this and her advice was to cut down to say$5.00/day--but I found that less than helpful, since contol is not easy for me. Any ideas??

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I work at a gas station and I grab scratch-off tickets even if I can't pay for them. I have lost my job and am about to be evicted. Anyone know how to over come this. I need help really bad

My 71 year old mother has this problem. It's so bad that she is overdrawing her accounts. She borrows money from me n my sister but if you ask her for money she acts like we are robbing the bank. Please help. Don't know what to do with her anymore. It's disrupting my home. She lives with me

i can relate. Im going through same thing. The addiction to scratchers kicked in when i won 500.00 on a scratcher. I used to play now and then. Now its all i think of. Every penny i win i spend on more scratchers. I wake up and think about getting money to get scratchers. I borrow and i sell my things in my house. The stores in my town are sick of seeing me. And im sick of being seen. Enbarrassed. I started driving to the next town but they know me too and i think theyre sick of me2. Im ashamed of what my neighbors might think. Me in and out All day long. They probly think_ drugs. I dont even clean my house like i used to. I rarely cook for my husband anymore bcuz im either too busy running around all day scratching. Or to miserable and depressed over the fact that i i spent and lost all my money and cant get more scratchers. Idk what to do anymore. They say the lottery benbfits older pennsylvanians. But at what cost.. Other peoples misery. Ever c those commercials.. Keep on scratching.. It should b illegal like cigarette commercials. Its addiction. Like they say a drug is a drug is a drug. I quit the hard stuff only to replace it with these scratchers. Idk whats worse. Im really in need of a miracle cuz i have no control.

This is crazy, I keep reading these posts and they all sound just like me. I also started off playing only because I won $500 right off the bat and I have been playing ever since. That was about 2 years ago. I leave during lunch and spend sometime 50-150 dollars on scratch off tickets. Then I have no money for my family. I am behind on all my bills because of this. I keep thinking I am going to hit the big one, and obviously thats not the case. I think about it non stop I research what top prizes have been won so I dont play those. I dont pay the msall ones wither I fancy the $20 tickets because thats what I won on. I hate what this is doing to me and my family. I have keep this as a secret from my family and husband and its killing me. I just want to stop playing and move on with my life.

yeah everyone in my family has gambling problems...mostly with lottery tickets my grandma sends my grandpa out everyday 3-4 times to get at least $50 worth of aunt does the same thing spending money she doesnt have and it is ruining her family, my dad just slowed down cause money been bad but your not alone theres more ppl out there then u think that has the same addiction if not worse

a coworker of mine spends her ENTIRE PAYCHECK on scratch offs. Her husband gets a retirement check from the Army and also works in Civil Service. She makes more than 14.00 an hour and works 40 hours a week, do the math. What is so funny is that if she hits a big one, like 2,000.00 which she has maybe twice now in the 6 yrs that I've known her, she THINKS she's won BIG TIME! But she hasn't, we all know that, don't we? She even has to waste her gas to drive down to Austin to claim that BIG ONE! And takes time off of work to do so. So, in reality, she's just has a serious gambling problem, as well as being an alcoholic too! I recently found out that she's also blown through their savings of $10,000.00!!! How sad is that? And yet, she still thinks she's 'WINNING'...BUT THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS, the suckers that play the scratch offs are the losers.

I have been doing the same thing for 5 years, I have lost everything I had because of scratchers, I keep telling myself I am done and then the next day I am out losing another $300 to $400. I even sold my $10,000 of Mastercard stock, I would have $180,000 in Mastercard stock in 5 short years. I know I have to stop, I just don't know how. Mastercard would have made me a millionare not the F-Ing Lottery

Omg so happy to see your post I was feeling alone with this. I wish I could stop at $30 I have gotten so much worse all the stores know me it is insane.

Jimbo I have a similar problem to the thread starter if you could please email me a copy I would appreciate it.

I'm writing a book right now called "Scratch Tickets: Breaking the Lottery Addiction." The book should be complete by the end of February (hopefully.) If you're still having issues, I'll e-mail the transc<x>ript to you complimentary if you'd like.