It's Not Sex Or ****

I'm very very very picky on who I have sex with.  If you have read other stories, you know I think sex should be a holistic experience, not a raw physical act with anyone.

And I admit that I like looking at pictures of women... (I am a male I must confess) but I've never gotten into the whole **** thing.

However, I am drawn to the feeling of lust, of wanting, desiring, yearning, for something.  The feeling of my heart skipping a beat, and the sweating, and the consuming thoughts.....

It's a high...

As good as acting for me.  haha.

But I do try and NOT follow the addiction.  My heart usually gets in the way, but I at least give my brain a few minutes to speak it's mind....

passionateactorxox passionateactorxox
31-35, M
Feb 14, 2010