I love the look of them on women, they look amazing and I notice women in leggings well before any other feature, I love wearing leggings too. I love buying them. I buy men's only versions as they are tailored for men a bit better. I find if I bought women's versions I would feel like a cross dresser which I do not want to be.
I wish it were mainstream for men to wear it openly in a tasteful way, without being stereotyped or labelled as something I am not.
The thing is, I am completely straight, am not a pervert or interested in flamboyant exhibitionism to show more than I need to, or a cross dresser of any kind. I have no interest in seeing other men in that kind of way either unless its for tasteful styling tips. I want to remain a man, be seen as a man but still be looked upon as a man but in leggings.
If it were more accepted I'd wear them under a longer shirt, shorts enough to cover my front and rear. I just find them sleek and comfortable. Warm for winter, but also comfortable enough to wear in warmer months. They also cover some scars on my shins.
At the moment I wear sports compression leggings. Black predominantly and for riding my bike or running in. I find that is the only way people are semi accepting to a guy in leggings. I workout, slim but masculine build and feel I can pull the look off if it weren't for the bigoted remarks.
Anyone else here feel the same?
leggingsforme leggingsforme
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Just read an excellent article regarding a guy who recently discovered how amazing wearing leggings for everyday activities.



it's a good look but his shirt needs to be longer though. the only 2 pairs of leggings i wear in public certain times are the ones that look like denim with back pockets.

I agree. That said, in his article he does mention and recommend wearing a longer top over. Other than that his reports on where and when he wore the leggings was promising

Check this video out. This is about a guy who likes to dress in androgynous clothes but also does not feel the need to cross dress. I reckon he pulls the looks off well. I hope this catches on.

Very cool. I liked the progression from simple to more fleshed out attire. I'm not sure I could pull off a letter jacket anymore, though. :-)

haha. Yeah I doubt I could either. But the style and the way he pulls it off has a lot of merit. Get all the elements right rather than just one thing and you could have a winner.

I just saw this video and while it made me LOL, it also inspired me. The comments also are mostly supportive too. Have a look and tell me what you think.


YES!! This is a terrific video! Thanks for sharing the link. I am a nudist while at home and in situations where I will not be arrested. BUT, leggings (tights) are what I wear when I have to go out --- the next best thing to being naked when you can't be!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

I was about to post that video myself, but yeah I hope this catches on. The guys pulled it off well! As for me, the close i'll get to leggings are those black stretch skinny pants, because I like the fact that they have 2 back pockets to carry keys, a small wallet etc.

i love leggings too!

Any particular type?

Did anybody watch this the other night?
Personally I found the male 'dragons' on that show to be so close minded it wasn't funny, from both a business perspective and a fashion perspective.

That's an absolute disgrace to watch. Those dragons are a joke. They are the perfect example of what is wrong with our society.

I agree. It's bad enough they weren't interested in backing the business venture, but to me it looked like they were taking the **** out of them and mocking them for their efforts to bring out these on the market.
If the shoe was on the other foot, and it was 3 women looking to bring out a garment traditionally worn for men but advertised for women, I bet those 'dragons' would welcome it with open arms. Call that equality?

Okay, here’s my take on this.

Why not? I mean in this day of political correctness coming at you from every direction, just why not wear whatever it is that is comfortable to you? And just do it for crying out loud. You don’t need someone’s approval or permission. Just wear what you want to wear.

Every year now for three years I have participated in “The Red Dress Run” down in New Orleans. There are two requirements to run or participate in this event. 1). All participants / runners must be age 18 or older. 2). All participants / runners must wear a red dress during the entirety of the event. That is all women AND men must wear a red dress during the entire event. Does it feel strange to wear a dress? Yes, yes it does. But only for the time just after you get it on until you arrive to the place where the other participants (thousands) are located. And once you arrive there the only people that feel awkward would be those not wearing a red dress. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wears a red dress for this event. Typically you don’t have to go far before you are around other runners. In my case every year I only go as far as the hotel lobby where I stay. But I always stay right smack in the middle of where the event is held. I’m gonna tell you, The Red Dress Run is one giant party. And yes, there is an actual run involved. And there are serious runners that “compete” in this run. But there are many that simply walk the race course. I am in that group as I am not a runner. I do power walk daily, but I’m not a runner, so I don’t pretend to be a runner there. But the thing is this, there are big muscle men, skinny *** men, fat *** men. There are those that are most likely full time cross dressers, probably some that are closeted cross dressers. And there are plenty of men like me that cross dress once each year, for the Red Dress Run. And lots of women. And there aren’t any women, or anyone for that matter, that is pointing and laughing at someone else. Because again, everyone is wearing a red dress.

So maybe that’s not the greatest example. But my point is that we just do it. I am of the mindset that if you want to wear any article of clothing that otherwise belongs to the opposite sex, well, just wear the darn thing. If you want to wear pantyhose, then wear them. If you want to wear pretty little blouses, then wear them. If you want to wear female underwear, the by God wear them. And damn, if you want to wear leggings, then wear the crap out of those leggings. I answered honestly in my first post that I choose to wear leggings made for women. I choose these because I am cheap. But it doesn’t matter the reason, they are made for women, I am a man, and I wear them. I wear them because this is my choice. So I want to encourage all men to just wear whatever it is that you want. You have zero, nothing , not a single thing to prove to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Being so, you don’t have to explain yourself. Just wear what you want to wear. I find interesting that companies are recognizing that apparently many men are buying and wearing leggings. Why else would they manufacture them? There must be strong evidence that there is big money to be made or real money would not be being spent to produce them “for men”.

You know, there is also a company that produces ladies type lingerie that is cut for a man’s body. Must be men into that too.

Just wear what you want and be happy…………..

I LOVE and completely agree with your first paragraph as well as your last statement!! Also, thanks for bringing the Red Dress Run to my attention --- I will have to check that out.
Naked Sissy Stephie

Yeah, I've worn leggings for a couple of years now. I noticed some other male joggers with something very tight on their legs, I thought it was just tights, but I thought "well why not, our legs get cold too". So I went to buy some and the sales lady helped me get what I really needed, and that was the leggings for men. But I found them to be somewhat expensive while the women's version of basically the same thing is much less cost wise. So I just started buying the women's. Yes, the men's are cut for men. But really, once you get accustomed to the women's and you figure out exactly what size to buy they are fine. I always buy the dark blue or the black, and I've had zero comments. I don't go out in public other than when I am on my power walks. And what I mean is that I don't run to the store real quick, or just stop by this or that. I put on my pants at least before I go anywhere. Now in the privacy of my home.........yeah, you can probably catch me running around in just leggings and tee shirt. But I live alone, so who cares right?

Thanks for sharing your experience glanier.
With regards to the subject of 'leggings for men or women', well I put that down to a personal choice. If you feel comfortable knowing you bought women's gear and are happy to wear it due to financial reasons, then who am I to argue.
Personally for me, I prefer to save and buy something specifically designed for men. I like to know in my own mind that what I have bought is a male orientated garment and that I can confidently say these are 'men's leggings/tights' without the need to justify or explain myself in a potentially embarrassing circumstance. I find that once I mention they are actually men's tights made for men, the subject turns from jesting into a subject of interest as not many people believe such an item exists for guys.
It is true though, it is harder to tell between the men's ad women's tights if they are plain black. As soon as there is some frilly lacey accents, floral patterns, feminine colors etc, then I think it is more for the ladies to wear than the men.

I agree with everything you say here. I'll just add that I am the king of cheap. If I can save a buck.......I'm all for it. And no, I wouldn't wear frilly, flowered or anything that had a look of feminine to it. But plain black and dark blue, no problem. I'm just as confident as any one in my masculinity. Plus, I'm 57 years old with two grown children and two grand children. I don't have anything to prove to anyone. If someone wants to chide me a little bit, that's cool It also means they are fair game for similar fodder. Better keep your guard up, I'll be looking............... Good luck man...

haha. You sound like a top guy. Well done, and all the best with it. :-D
Be sure to continue to share any experiences you about this subject in future.

i agree, i'd be caught dead wearing anything floral or with hearts lol! But I still feel like a man even when I wear women's jeans or black stretch pants, because I buy clothes that still has a 'mannish' design. I don't know if that makes sence. But at the same tme, I feel like I'm projecting a presence that I wouldn;t get with men's clothes themselves since they're still very limited.

I feel like 'women's' leggings and joggers (i might add) have a unisex appearance, so anybody can wear them. I wear women's joggers. They look not much different from men's, but they fit me way better than men's!

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Has anybody here tried the Caresse Slim n Lift Jeans/jeggings before? I saw an infomercial on them and they look pretty amazing for the girls. Just wondering if any guys have tried them.


They look interesting, but I'm not a fan of the ripped look. So 55 quid for two pair seems a tad pricey.

it is for the ladies. The other alternative is the jeggings sold by legwear4men. More of the dark denim look

Me too, I love walking around in sports compression leggings, but I've had good and bad reactions from both men and women.

The highlight has definitely been the couple of times when another guy and I have realised we're both checking each other out ...

haha, I can imagine the awkward feeling accidentally checking out another dude.
Care to share the other experiences?

This year I've been brave enough to wear my running tights in shops etc and even on the train. In a cafe a cute waitress complimented me on them but I started to get a hard-on and I was worried she would notice as she was looking right at the spot! On the train two women maybe in their early forties dressed up for business complimented on my leggings. A lot of people think it's great for women to wear lycra but somehow evil for men though.

well done on getting out and about. Just like I do. But I have never had anyone make any nice comment. Also, I haven't had any bad comments. People just don't comment.

Some are too afraid to. Others prefer not to. Take it as a compliment if they look and say nothing.

Nice experience. I notice the older ladies tend to stare a lot more than the younger ones. Good on you for having the courage to wear to the shops. Ive never done that before. I'd have to pick a set of shops that no one has ever seen me before in and try it.

Keep wearing your leggings/tights ---- it is wonderful and enjoy the attention ----- Ladies get that kind of attention all the time. Don't be afraid of an erection --- be proud of it!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

Indeed...There's definitely a growing of guys braving the reactions of others that they're wearing compression leggings.

And that is the difference. Being able to got over the fear of what others think. I don't mean blatantly flout the law in the mean time, but it's more a fear of what their friends, peers, family would think of them.
The fact of the matter is compression leggings for guys is standard sort of attire when involved in sports. You are not doing anything wrong or perverted, you are not cross dressing as far as Im concerned as you can get compression leggings for men.
Heaps of sports stars are wearing them now as a performance based article of clothing to help improve their game.
This is the reasoning I have when in public in compression tights. No one really looks or cares when you in the middle of a workout, run or bike ride. It's really a non issue.

Yes, the trend of guys wearing compression gear is certainly getting traction. The societal expectation though has been that the guy wearing it must be able to pull it off especially if he's not a known athlete: he must be chiseled and toned to be accepted in such attire (a dress code I suspect more about pleasing the women-folk). A normal-looking fellow usually gets the strange looks, at least in my neck of the woods. I know that I've received received such reactions and worse while on both a run or a bike. It appears that it may be an issue depending on location where the folks are more accepting of it or not.

Yes I agree, a normal non toned fellow who perhaps is just starting out in his quest for weight loss and fitness may not get the most favourable glances or reactions if he is wearing compression leggings in my area. It's a matter of trying the area out to see the reactions. Some areas are better than others. But yes, if you have a more athletic physique, you will find it easier to be looked upon more acceptably. Not that it should be right, but from what I've noticed, people tend to judge or stereotype on if they think you are worthy or not to wear such tight fitting clothing based on your physique. This goes for both men and women. I think if you are making a hard effort to get into shape, then judgement like that should not come into it.
I also find that if I do my runs/bike rides in areas where others are doing the same, you tend to blend in a lot better and you are less likely to be picked out. Where as if you were to run in the middle of the city working district where most people are in suit and tie, then you are more likely to stand out as being different. Again, picking your locations are crucial if you want to blend into society or not.
But generally speaking, compression tights for men are hear to stay. They work as far as Im concerned and they offer me freedoms like no other pant around. I am in the best shape I have been since my teen years and I feel I can pull off the look better than some. (not trying to blow my trumpet) So if it means I need to keep my physique worthy of wearing such attire, then so be it. :D

Well said and elaborated on. I have to agree. I feel the same way about my efforts in keeping fit. Nicely done. :D

And yes, amongst the negative reactions are indeed the women who are the closet gawkers, blatant gawkers and oglers alike.

Well without laying a broad generalization over the weaker sex, more often than not they can feel threatened if someone is 'raining on their parade'.
What I mean by this is, I have found some women be quite vocal about men wearing clothes styled androgynously (as if we steal women's clothes to wear for ourselves) and them pointing fingers or derogatorily calling a straight man as gay for doing so. But if us guys poked fun of a woman in clothes styled for men, we would be considered sexist and chauvinistic? I'm talking about men's leggings by the way.
Yes there are SOME ladies that like what they see, but will often glance with a look of distaste to conceal their true feelings on the topic. But they are rare to find.
I find the unfair stereotyping & double standards sickening to be honest.

Most certainly sickening, especially when their fears and sense of security is threatened by the opposite sex not "raining on their parade" with androgynously styled apparel that happens to reveal male form. It really come across as making them appear daft especially when they're supposed to be equals of men. Their behaviour with the responses you describe are actually chauvinistic and undoubtedly sexist as they are arrogantly degrading males by their choice of attire; the very notion they use to support their claim that a woman has the right to wear anything or nothing. As such, the double standard does prevail. I believe your description of what really goes on behind their veiled reactions reflects their true intentions. Quite frankly, it defeats their integrity as far as taking any of their claims on the matter as being true or real.

I feel same goes with jeggings, if he's a ladies magnet, stud, in excellent shape it seems more acceptable. If he's too skinny or thick....yeah pretty much what u guys said.

I find I get more confidence wearing a longer top over if I need to go to the shops on the way from the gym or riding in leggings. Even when Im walking around off the bike I find myself covering my crotch with the bike helmet.

Not required. I don't try show off any bulge or try hide it. Just wear it as it is and don't feel ashamed

I wish I had that much confidence.

I'm becoming used to doing the same. I find simply wearing them and not paying attention to the on going glaring and staring I receive, helps tremendously. I'm able to keep focusing on what I have to do while wearing them and realize that the issue isn't with me, especially as I find many more guys are braving the same and running around in them the locality. The negative reactions I get are still there but I try to ignore them especially when they aren't going to help my state of health.

I hear ya. Remembering that it isn't you with the problem, it is them, helps no end.

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I do wear leggings all year round. I'm not a cross dresser and don't intend on being one but have absolutely no issue at all with anyone who is.
I started at 12 years old with short tights under my sporting shorts for training and weekend matches. When I was 16 I started wearing long athletic leggings on their own with a shirt for training and running. From 18, I started wearing tight shorts and leggings with a shirt over to the gym. From about 22, I started wearing full length leggings, 3/4 length, and short tights out and about as my normal daily wear. Believe me when I say that 3/4 tights do actually look masculine. Since my teens, I have never worn shorts over tights/leggings (both have same meaning in Australia whereas we say pantyhose when other countries say tights).
15 years ago when I was 17, that's the only time I have ever heard any remarks about me in fill length leggings. I was walking through a shopping Centre and 3 guys walking behind me asked each other why would I be wearing tights. Since that day I have never heard one remark or notice any stares. I think these days people just don't care. It's common to see guys wearing long and short tights under their regular shorts. Most aren't brave enough to wear them on their own but I have seen a small few guys over the years doing it.
It's only recently that I have just expanded my leggings collection from athletic style only, to fashion types. I have started wearing different coloured tights in both matte and shiny looks. I do prefer shiny tights over all others.
I have never ever worn or owned a pair of jeans of any kind, and never will. Leggings are far more comfortable.
My girlfriend accepts and encourages me in tights. She thinks it looks great on guys and doesn't see a problem with it. She's happy to walk right beside me holding onto my arm.
I just wish more guys would be brave enough to just wear their tights as I know plenty of them do want to. The more of us that do wear them out will get the public used to it and it will just be a normal part of a man's wardrobe.
I feel the same with the choice of skirts for men but that's a completely different topic.
So fellas, keep on legging it!

Well said Stomping and thanks for your experience. Gives me a greater insight into how you wear leggings not only for sport but also in everyday life. I applaud you for being brave enough to do it as fashion. Even better that you have found a girl who accepts this standard attire for you. Hold onto that one! haha
One day I'll be brave enough to wear leggings as everyday wear, but until then I will wear them for sports reasons to avoid confrontation or discrimination. I will eventually learn not to care what others think. But it will take time to train the mind.
What fashion leggings brands do you buy? Stitch? Meggings Man?
Brands I love wearing are 2XU and Skins. Mainly because they are seen on both men and women while training, so the public is used to it.

For the compression type, the best kind are BSc, skins, 2xu, and linebreak. I own many others like Nike, under armour, Asics, and others but find the first 4 as my preference.
As far fashion leggings, i haven't bought any particular brand but rather no name types from eBay and China wholesale sites. I have 2 pair of blackmilk and found them to be very comfortable and great quality.

That's awesome. You and I sound like we have similar tastes.
How do you find the Chinese leggings? Are they any good? I know they are cheap to buy but am always weary of the quality.
The BSc leggings look awesome too. Kind of like they are from the future or something. Can you recommend?
I have a pair of Nike base layer leggings for winter but find they are too sheer to be worn on their own. So I relegate them to around the house only. But 2XU and Skins have to be my favorite brands. So well made and the feel of them is amazing.

The BSc tights are amazing. One of the best quality out there.
The Chinese ones are not too good. I like them for the colour variety but quality is pretty poor. Plus most of them are too short in the leg and low on the waist like they have not enough room to completely go over the bum

Oh thanks for the warning re: chinese tights. Yeah I wouldn't be too happy with that fitment either. But the BSc tights sound like they are worth looking into. They are about the same price as 2XU tights.

Ugh, low rise anything i can't stand!

WONDERFUL experience!! Thanks so very much for sharing. Really happy that you have a girlfriend who is encouraging!! Why shouldn't everyone where whatever they would like?? I love to wear tights or leggings or spandex short shorts when going out. I do hope you can add me!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

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I, too, LOVE leggings and wear them (or tights) almost all the time when it is cool. I don't own a pair of jeans! I am a little different then "leggingsforme" because I identify as a cross dresser. BUT, when wearing leggings, I don't "hide" anything up front either.
Naked Sissy Stephie

Have u ever tried jeggings? They are comfy. I have a skinny boot pair from bull head (pacsun's) and they feel like jeggings but with a but if flair. I don't Like the skinny leg since it gets to tight to my calves and hurts me...

Thanks for your good suggestion! I have looked into "jeggings". However, I don't have the issue you have and since I am transgendered, I prefer buying and wearing clothes made for women! I am who I am and enjoy the feel and the "look"!

Even though i indentify as male, i recently purchased a pair of jeans with nice bling back flap pockets. It Looks great on me and enjoy the wash. Some ladies and men were checking it when i was walking in the mall.

Bigoted remarks indeed. I'm of the same persuasion as yourself. My wearing of sports compression tights is due to comfort and performance, especially in terms of muscular support during my runs.

Every instance of my running in them has drawn attention from the women. I've heard disparaging or chauvinistic utterances from some (usually under their breath) or amongst themselves as they walk by and glare at me.

Others will wolf-whistle or loudly clamor like they just came from an all-male revue...one woman even asking her female cohort why she hadn't come up and grabbed what she wanted as they both stared at me as I jogged pass. This coming from the "fairer" sex, that section of the population that resent being objectified.

Considering how wearing them make you feel, it's really none of anyone's business how and when you choose to wear them. More power to you.

Well said. Sorry to hear of your poor experiences from women. I am surprised to hear that, and hope it isn't a common problem. Funny how you mention this, women are fine with it, yet if you were to say/do something like this as a man, you would be considered sexist, and a chauvinistic pig. Makes me sick hearing of it.
Keep your chin up and keep on enjoying what you wear.

Much appreciate your encouragement. Such is one subset of the reality in simply being comfortable while exercising...my experiences at least. No matter, I've been made the wiser. Looking forward to reading more of your experiences. Cheers.

Thanks. I love to talk about the mindset behind what makes people think when it comes to this subject.
Like, how does it effect them so much to call out someone on their sexuality? Where do they get the audacity, or the proof that leggings instantly makes a man a clear homosexual?
Why do women and some men get so intimidated and defensive when a guy wants to wear something that is now clearly a unisex garment? If it is worn in a respectful manner, why the hell do these people care or get so offended?
How is it, that women can clearly wear absolutely anything they want and they are then considered as being expressive, or fashion forward or liberated to the point that it's now considered offensive or sexist not to support them in their endeavour to wear what ever the hell they want?
Until I can get clear, unbiased and non-bigoted responses to these questions, I will continue to be against women wanting to wear men's clothing and those who are against men in leggings.

Referring to their hackles as them "..call out someone..." gives them excessively underserving credence. Their audacity is fueled by their desperation to alleviate their insecurities. They go on as if they were the ones feeling naked by someone else's attire. They are in effect, misrepresenting and forcing the point, through what is effectively overwhelming their target by aggression and shaming. This is very much the tactic of anyone who is desperate to have the upper hand but cannot muster the ability to articulate reasonable dialogue to persuade the point.

The reason women and some men get so intimidated is they themselves have a deep-seated sense of inadequacy about displaying their own vulnerabilities. They themselves are probably ashamed of revealing their bodily form when wearing such attire because they feel terribly and unbearably vulnerable doing so. They compensate for themselves by being overtly aggressive, often claiming they are offended and/or defending common decency. Utter rubbish! They are covering up their feelings and sense of vulnerability in being unable to cope with their weakness. They obviously cannot overcome it and also feel inadequate when they see others so comfortable with it instead. Jealously, envy and rage ensue, often manifesting as their defensive behavior.

The notion that women can wear anything (or not wear anything) while men are bounded instead is nothing more than a power-grab to make women feel empowered, i.e. kick one down to weaken and make them subservient to the whims of the other. It would be negative reinforcement to support such a narcissistic and self-serving point of view in anyone, let alone women.

Anyone, least of all women, have no business dictating terms to men about what is appropriate decorum in all things. They forfeit their right to do so if they expect anything that may even resemble or otherwise be the same.

Interesting response. A most welcome perspective if it was indeed the norm everywhere and with everyone.

What a great answer Slick. Thankyou for taking the time to provide an in depth and meaningful response. I like the way you have analysed the thoughts on people's small mindedness and dissected their emotional excuses. Well done!
I think you hit the nail right on the head with these points. Particularly the points where you mention their 'seated sense of inadequacy', and in turn they 'aggressively shame' others because of it. Love it.


No problem, Leggings. I've had to deal with these types of reactions for quite sometime now. It is sickening to think of the double standards, hypocrisy and people's inadequacies that they attempt to project. I'm certain that enlightenment on our part will at least help us understand what we're dealing with.

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Great story i to love to wear leggings. Add me please. :)

I can, but just to warn you I am not interested in picture sharing.

I've been wearing spandex leggings to the gym for a little while now. I've never heard any negative comments and my wife loves how my butt looks in them. Occasionally I see people look down at them when I pass, but that is understandable. I am also tempted to look at people when I see anything out of the ordinary. I guess if you wear something different, you are going to get some attention... and maybe that is part of the fun.
Would it be cool to be a dude in spandex pants if everyone else was doing it? Some people look unique on purpose, and they hate it when other people start dressing like them.
I totally agree with you about wearing it in a masculine way as opposed to cross dressing. In a way, I am grateful that my feelings don't go that far into fetish territory. Too much time wasted on the internet, and too much self stimulation can lead people into the creepy zone.
I just try to be confident, stand up straight and look people in the eye.
But if it is no big deal, then why am I even posting about it anonymously on EP?

The reason I write about this anonymously is that I really do have a bit of a fetish for spandex. With my family and people at the gym, I act like I'm just wearing it because it's the comfortable practical thing(and it is), but my secret is that it turns me on.

I share your sentiments. I agree. There is that element of stimulation when you see girls in leggings or spandex and you are wearing it too. Almost like you are 'looking' similar but doing it in a guy way? Not sure if that makes sense or not.
Generally though the whole fear of guys in spandex is getting over the self conscious notion of what others think. Specifically your male peers. If you can confidently wear them and look like you own the spandex for the given purpose, then usually you can tell them to get bent with their stupid ignorant comments.
This is particularly helpful with bike riding. Lycra shorts or tights are exceptionally comfortable for the reduction in chaffing and moisture management. Sure you could wear baggy shorts, but often with baggy shorts you can get them caught up in the seat when in and out of the saddle. Plus with loose material rubbing your thighs you get the chaffing I spoke of.
Guys need to get over their fears of others judgemental comments. But on the other hand being a guy wearing lycra is a cool aspect and when you are on the bike, most won't even flinch an eyelid. Probably because it's so commonly seen and accepted that it's a non issue. We just got to get the public to view guys in leggings the same way from a more semi-social aspect. That is the hirdle I forsee.