I Write For Women's Mags And I Love Them!

Hello everyone,

I'm a features writer for the real life sections of loads of lovely UK women's magazines like Closer, Pick Me Up, Chat, Reveal, Grazia, Take A Break, Cosmopolitan... the list goes on. 

I am always looking for people with interesting real life stories who would like to feature in these magazines and I thought this group would be the perfect place to find them!

I work for a media consultancy you see, so all these magazines come to us to buy stories for their real life sections. That means that if your story get's published you will get paid. Offers from the magazines range between £400 - £1000 or $700 - $2000 depending on the strength of the story and that entire fee is yours!

Sought after topics include relationships, love, sex, betrayal, romance, unusual weddings, miracle babies, crime, extreme weight loss, eating disorders, medical marvels, health, bizarre phobias or occupations….
....anything, inspiring, shocking, dramatic, entertaining, interesting, or quirky...

Does anything spring to mind that might make a good starting point?

Absolutely nothing can be published without your prior permission. If your story receives an offer you are not happy with you are not obliged to accept it. If you did, I would then write the feature in full and read it back to you giving you the opportunity to say whether there’s something you don’t like and would therefore want removing. You would work closely with me throughout.
I can be reached on 07815 552 705 or my email is laura@medavia.co.uk. So, if you are interested or simply want to ask some questions about how the process works then please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you'd like to look at our company website it's www.medavia.co.uk 
Best wishes,
featureswriter featureswriter
22-25, F
Nov 4, 2011