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I get Writing for inspiration, I get New scientist because I’m hooked on new information and the other two are a part of my writing inspiration but also because I never followed sci-fi. Analogue has the stories I appreciate for their technical realism (Most of the time) and Asimovs is good for escapism...some of the best reading I've done has been from those short-story mags.

I stop at 'Mag Zone' at least once a week, usually Thursday to get the new New Scientist, if I see any of the others I get them also. Writing magazine is no better then writer’s forums, but it’s something I can look at when I’m sitting on my sofa and need a quick-reset to get back in the flow of my story.

I have a few short story idea’s, something to work on between Novel drafts (which should begin in a week or two), so now that I’ve been reading Asimovs and Analogue for awhile I think I know the market well enough to send in a few attempts, but that’ll be awhile away.

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1 Response Jun 19, 2007

Good luck with your stories!