So Addicted To Minecraft

I'm so obsessed, that I often confuse real things for Minecraft things. I constantly think about minecraft. I keep thinking about what something in real life, would be like in minecraft, and vice versa. 
SoLonely1471 SoLonely1471
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2 Responses Apr 29, 2012

I wanna play it SO BAD. After watching my cousin play the demo version. I was all like dude...Why don't you build something amazing. Like an architectural wonderland...he's like....why? I'm like...well what are ya gonna do after you find stone hmm? after diamond? after Cobaltite? I see the thrill in finding and mining the next hardest material but I'm like BUILD SOMETHING AMAZING!!!

dude i cant stop thinking about that game

I know right? It's awesome!

i play minecraft with you i love it too if you want my skype is kyleo123 MINECRAFT!!