Minecraft Dreams

You know you've been playing too much Minecraft when you can see blocks and tunnels in your Mind's eye after playing...or you wake up in the middle of the night having a nightmare of being chased by a creeper!
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I am a 48 single mom and I am totally addicted thanks to my 20 year old son and my daughter 7 is too.

i usually play minecraft for 5 hours and im pretty good at it but i dont dream or see minecraft things in real life

once i was watching a documentary about ireland and i was so tired and i played minecraft for a long time before it and i saw the hills as blocks and the sheep as minecraft sheep..... is that normal?

My 10 year old son spent 2 hrs Sat and 2 hrs Sun (too long I know) playing Minecraft. On the Sun evening after he went to sleep he came running in to my room in tears saying he was "freaking out because he kept having minecraft dreams".<br />
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I thought it was quite good for young minds in that it involved a certain degree of creativity and was potentially enhancing PC and Software skills due to its open source nature.<br />
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WRONG... there is clearly something more sinister at play here and too much of that cube / pixilated screen watching can obviously have some psychological side affects. Parents beware!!

He was probabaly only scared because there is a creepy past called Herobrine
who allegedly haunts the game. many people talk about it alot so its probably the people to blame, not the actual game itself

lol, exactly