My Awesome Minecraft Story. Chpt.1

Ok. If you like this story, please pm me and tell me to continue.
Life was dull as a gigantic-nosed npc, no name, no clothes, and no fun. As finished my last bowl of mushroom soup for quite some time, and walked to the temple, Herobrine appeared, with an army of Endermen. He turned the villagers and village to Netherrack and dust. Herobrine then picked me up, then threw me into the surface lava pool nearby. I died, and waited, for who knows what. Everyday was 1000 lifetimes, but finally, I felt life in me once more. I had returned, with clothes, might I add, with only two thoughts, that I must punch trees, and that I realized that I had a name. And it was Steve.
Herobrine Herobrine
13-15, M
May 18, 2012