My Pet Creeper

I have a pet creeper. His name is Hugs, and apparently something is wrong with his coding, because he won't blow up. He makes the "sssssss" noise and acts like he's going to sometimes, but never does. All he does is follow me around, and it's kind of cool. It's way more awesome than a tame wolf, that's for sure. I know one day something is going to happen and he's going to explode, but until then, me and Hugs are buddies.
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Wow dude. Creepers hate me. HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHANNEL

Wow! Hi sky, you should read some of my stories creepers absolutely despise me, I'm pretty sure they have restraining orders against me so when I go near them they explode.... Yea....

that's awesome lol.