I Can't And Wont Stop Playing Minecraft

I love minecraft at this time i only have minecraft on my xbox360 but it started with me thinking it was going to be a peace of crap because of the graphics and ended with me
Makeing a big ship in the water and then makeing more and more object's and thing's.
Now i just can't stop playing. i even want it on the computer. :( and i will soon i hope.
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It's fun

i have it for xbox to what is ur gamer tag mine is embryonicpath36

i don't even know how o pla any games

Maybe you should try other games too. Resident evil 6 just came out if you're into those games ^,^

I don't like shooting game's i get bored to fast other then minecraft i play skyrim.
That's about it i used to play other game's but they went out of date and no one has them anymore so when that happened it got harder for me to find games i liked.
I play computer game's to like World of Warcraft im a wargon level 14 named Blackonix add me if you play. i used to have a level 60 but lost the name.
Sadly it wont take me long to get back to that level i play for owers on end.
And i play the sims 3 one person game i love building it exsplaned why i love minecraft . And sometime's ill get on xbox360 and play the walking dead but its one player and you got to pay for avrey ep it's insane.

wow sever's EXADOR - if i spelled it right no clue

Sadly i don't play WoW i'm more of the rpg and first player shooter games on the 360. I agree with you though i'm also very picky when it comes to video games. It's hard for me to get addicted to anything for too long because of my ADHD personality lol

lol i have adhd to but i can get adicted for like 2 months or weeks depends on what it is i am adicted to

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