My Friday Concert

I'm still amazed and astonished by the beauty of what we did and the lovely feedback we received that day
we had trained for two consecutive weeks every night from 7pm till 10-11pm. we had suspended our social life for two weeks. but it was totally worth every second of rehearsal.

The Big day came and we went on stage. let me just explain the splendor of the stage: It's a historic church it's with round pillars of marble and it's a long church with a high semi cylindrical ceiling. perfect for acoustics.

Lights were out in all the church and only candle light broke the darkness. The stage where we stood was lit with a few projectors while the audience enjoyed the candle lights.

First the orchestra went in. Then was our turn. Then the orchestra chief came in saluted the crowd and ordered the orchestra to fine tune their instruments. The conductor came in saluted the crowd and we were on.

We sang some of mozart's very well known pieces. the crowd was extremely enthusiastic we could see them sway with every sound we made as if in a trance.
we took a short recess only to go back on stage after five minutes. a small introduction and we began Haydn's Missa in tempore belli or pokenmesse. the crowd went silent savouring every single sound we made. We sang as if there was no tomorrow as if we were in another world.
I still can't find the words to explain what I felt I was flying high above this world in another dimension maybe. every second seemed like a never ending moment of passion and spirituality. I was really high on music. towards the end of the mass I wasn't anywhere near earth I was living in a lucid world of peace, joy and majesty. I cannot describe my feeling but it was really something I never experienced before. it was like a dream but real, like reality but a dream. as if all of us were in a new world a magical one where everything was possible and peace was the only thing between us all.

we finished but the crowd kept on asking for a bis so we started the last piece again and when we finished the whole church exploded with clapping hands and sounds of joy and pride and astonishment with the grandiosity of what they just witnessed

Two weeks of hard work, two weeks without social life. But if you ask me now I say hell yes it was worth every single second of rehearsal.

the concert was last friday but still untill now I haven't been able to describe what i've experienced back there and I don't think m gonna be able to do so any soon ...

I adore music !!! it's my invisible soulmate.
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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I kinda did my best to show how it felt to be there... it was very solemn and almost imaginary ... :)