It's Funny

Going through Senior Year; lots of college applications and what not.
Most of the typical questions are the fill-in stuff about your name/birthdate/school/etcetera.

My extracurricular activities would always start out with:
"Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Chorus, Show Choir, School Musicals, Guitar Lessons..." and then eventually trail off to acting, tennis, and working.
But my musical "career" was always a big chunk of it.

Now that I've decided where I'm going, I'm glad my school has such cool theaters/performance halls, and two working pipe organs.


I looove music!

SaphireSmiles SaphireSmiles
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

That's funny :) But good that you have such an interest in music, keep it up :)