I Became Merely Virtual. I Was No Longer Human.

March 28th we reconnected after almost a year after virtual me went flatline, disappeared off the radar.

The reason for disconnection...

Roomie had enough. She pulled the plug because I became a computer addict. I sought escape and distraction from real world matters instead of confront and resolve them. The neglect seriously affected relations with everyone and everything of the real world. The various circumstances which exposed myself to various situations. The excessive amount of time I preoccupied myself with the virtual. Matter of time before I crashed.

My addiction attributed to sleep deprivation and sleep apnea, disorders which I haven’t experienced since I regained control of the situation.

I feel myself recovered. I proceed with precaution and self-control.

Roomie sometimes somewhat feels insecure about I having computer access and connected. Whenever possible I avoid the computer whenever she’s around.

TheButterflyMind TheButterflyMind
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1 Response Apr 11, 2012

Good for you.... thank you for sharing this.