Day And Night

           The computer just lures me to it from all the way across the room. I work with computers at work. When I get home from work, I head right to the computer. It is a routine now that is ingrained into my life style. Even if I am not on it for awhile, I get the urge to go on it and see whats happening. Its like I am glued to the computer. I wish somethimes that computers were never invented. I get almost all the information I get on the computer now. I am on it just after dinner to almost bedtime. The computer expands my friends many times over than without it. It is a big tradeoff. Either way, life with or without, has its advantages.

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3 Responses Dec 9, 2009

I could be a member of computer addicts too. Everyone that knows me knows that I get crabby when I can't get on my computer. Even my family knows not to bother me or I get cranky. If my computer breaks or the internet cuts out I get anxious.

I totally understand this lure...<br />
We recently got in computers at work and it is far too easy for me to sneak a peek at my facebook page. I am so afraid of getting into trouble at work. The lure is just as bad as eating chocolate for me. One piece leads to the whole box.<br />
I suppose if it's eating into your nights so that you don't get adequate rest at night, maybe start a 12 Step meeting...I'd be one of your first members!<br />
Thanks for sharing your story.

Enjoy your time with the computer, we all are addicted