My Dreams

You can say I’m addicted to my dreams. I love to try to dream something. Half the time it doesn't work. But if I wake up, I can go back to sleep and continue the dream. Most people can't do that, as I've been told. Whenever I do have a dream and I remember it, I always write it down. Not really write it, but type it up. When I type, I get down into detail and can go on forever about that dream. (I used to want to be an Author) I think it's some kind of sign. There's this dream I've had about 5 times. I first had it when I was really little, and haven't had that dream for a few years. But I remember it clearly. Very strange dream actually, that I had. I’m going to sum it up for you guys. It’s basically about this green sea-monster looking thing that is chasing my family and me around the state/world in less than a few hours to try to lose him. When we got back he was there a few minutes after us. I had decided to fight and conquer this beast to send him back up above or whatever made him evaporate. I don’t know, it was a unique dream. There have been dreams where I accidentally killed my family with a bomb. My Dad got shot with a shotgun over and over next to me in the car then I remember I had no one else, that I was alone. There have been others where it’s about certain people who I’ve been thinking about a lot. But there’s this one dream that I will cherish. It was about my 13 year old sister who committed suicide almost a year ago. She came down from Heaven so I can tell her that I loved and missed her. Then I hugged her for the longest time. Then she had to go back up in Heaven, as God told us. Before I had this dream, I was praying to God ever since she died, asking him if I can tell her I loved and missed her one last time and to hug her. To me, he might have answered my prayer or just my depression giving me relief. I take my dreams to heart. There’s a meaning to them I believe. Certain things in your dream mean something; water, death, rape, Heaven, God, marriage, suicide, pregnant, etc. It’s something interesting to get into.
KayKay12497 KayKay12497
13-15, F
May 20, 2012