I Am Addicted to My Scooter.

a week and a half ago i bought a scooter. it's a little 49cc german made scooter. i adore it. i've named it scooter mcpuff puff the third cause i'm the 3rd owner and all. yeah okay fine dork. yes but still it is so kewl. my top speed is 40 mph and let me tell you that's plenty fast for me. at that speed i have tears. i'm giggling but i have tears.

i was away for 3 days and told myself i wasn't going to ride the scooter when i got home cause it was just going to be too late. then i convinced myself i should at least just start her. and then i had trouble starting her and knew that i just had to take her for ride to make sure she was okay... after a weekend off. so yeah the first thing i do when returning home from a trip, is go for a spin.

riding on her is like straight happy juice to the brain. i can't help but smile when riding her around town. yeah okay sure people try to kill me okay fine but when there aren't attempts on my life it is the greatest feeling in the world.

i can understand it now. i very well might upgrade to a faster bike in a year or two. but right now, mcpuff puff is just fine for me.

i'm looking for other scooter lovers. i'm feeling a bit awkward with my whole scooter obsession right now.

anyone else out there think scooters are the coolest modes of transport? no i'm alone? i was afraid of that.
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4 Responses May 7, 2007

I just bought a 2nd hand Yamaha BWS (Zuma), my second scooter. I ride ever chance I get. Totally love what it does for my mental health.

I also just purchased my new "used" scooter. I LOVE it. It is so cool to scoot along and enjoy the fresh air. I purchased mine to save on gas but it quickly became my favorite mode of transportation. I am grinning from ear to ear all the way to work and back. I travel 14 miles each way. I named her "izzibell". Today marks 1 full week that I have not driven anything else.Tonight I have to go to a meeting that I will not be able to take her and it is making me so sad. But come tomorrow morning we will be back together "on the road again". HAPPY SCOOTIN!!

I hear you! I have a 49cc Japanese made scooter... I can push it to 45 downhill w/ the wind to my back. And so what it the motorcyclists make fun of me. My friend rode on my scooter and the next day went and bought himself one.

I have ALWAYS wanted a scooter, they look so cool :] Enjoy it! Ride it all the time! Your story made me smile :]