Scooter Mcpuff Puff and Stupid Drivers

I love my scooter. Puff Puff and I go anywhere and everywhere we want to. As a matter of fact we are going North on sunday... it'll take us about an hour to get there but it's going to be well worth it!!!

Yesterday I had my first near death experience on my scooter. I mean yes people have tried to kill me before but I saw them and they eventually saw me... I wasn't truly scared for my life.
Till yesterday morning. I was on my way into work coming along this "4 lane highway" the speed limit is 35 mph and puff puff has no problem with that. i'm going along in the right lane cause in two lights i turn and i'm minding my own business watching for peds and bumps and people turning. and this stupid woman in the left lane decides that she doesn't want to be behind this other car anymore and just comes into my lane. SHE NEVER SAW ME. I laid on my horn and and swerved to miss her and am yelling what the **** is wrong with you!!! can't flick her off cause i'm still trying to keep control of the scooter and myself.
finally get to my turn, i turn and the woman turns as well. and she pulls over. if i wasn't running late for work i would have given her a verbal beating.

i mean she could have killed me and she didn't care. she didn't even bother to look into the other lane. and of course she was driving a brand new two door BMW convertible. oh i forgot to mention she then proceeded to go like 5 mph under the speed limit. she was in such a hurry to pass that other guy that she almost kills me and then she slows down. stupid idiot.
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26-30, F
May 11, 2007