I Can Relate.

I was once a Myspace addict.  And it was not a pretty sight.  With every free time I could muster I would rush to the site and update my page.  Look for new layouts, and increase my friends list.  It was rediculous.   I also had it hooked up where "Tom"  would text me if I had a message, an invite, or if someone wanted to be my friend.  Yeah, I was addicted for a good month and a half.  But there were some over zealous people on there.  A lot of them were rude, which is not a good combo.  Some dudes didn't understand that you just wanted to be friends and nothing more.   So, you would have to ignore them.  I had to do a whole lot of ignoring before I realized Myspace wasn't for me anymore.  The members were getting younger and younger.  So, right before I hit 25 I decided it was time to retire my page.  May it rest in peace.
TeyJai TeyJai
26-30, F
Jan 11, 2007