I Admit It! I Am a Myspace Addict!

Well, where should I begin with the whole story of my myspace life? I first opened it up just to catch up on old friends and such and keep in touch with family. Over time, I learned more and more how to go about the site, which got me hooked! I was continously chaning my mood and status and blogging and what not. Then the whole apps craze consumed me. I got hooked to mobsters and then all the other apps. Myspace was beginning to take over my life. I was spending hours upon hours just doing my apps and not even getting around to check messages or comments.

I liked blogging there but I kept restricting what I would put up there because I knew who would be reading it and if there was something objectionable to them, I was going to hear about it. Now that I have found EP, I dont go into myspace as much. I still check it a few times a day but its not a constant thing. Now, I am finding myself in here continuously, wanting to share more and more of my stories and experiences!

depressedmommy depressedmommy
22-25, F
Feb 23, 2009