I Am Also Addicted

I've been smokeing since I was 15 years old and tried to quit a couple of times. But guess what? It's just not easy. Plus I think I enjoy smoking, it does take the stress away and stops me from eating toooo much. Can't help it, if it  really does help me.

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7 Responses Apr 8, 2009

I understand you. My poor brother's smoked for many years. He's having a very difficult time trying to stop. Maybe one day before it's to late!

It is the enjoyment. I love it too.

I have the same problems with smoking so if you find a way to quiy that doesn't make you f***ing nuts, please let me know!

Quitting Smoking: <br />
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I have the answer, that absolutely works, without fail. I am living testimony that it works.<br />
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The Answer: Just Stop Smoking, and get over it. Cold Turkey, baby! It works. The reason: If you knew how hard it is to quit, you will never start, again.

I tried many times myself. I finally quit by saying the serenity prayer. I did gain weight...haven't been able to say the serenity prayer to get it off....lol

You are not alone!

My feelings exactly!! I've tried to quit too, but then, I just eat n eat n eat,, lol.. I just called it my one Guilty Pleasure (but I sure don't feel guilty about it) :)