You Can Break The Addiction - I Did After 40 Years

I was shocked tonight (3rd dec 2012) to see this dreaded drug Otrivin advertised on UK television during the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of the Queen. I was addicted for 40 years!!

It is a drug and should be banned. I stopped using it after 40 years of addiction when I couldn't leave home without a spray in my pocket. In truth 2 weeks of effort did it and I have been free of it for over 3 years.

Let's tell the world that we don't need it.

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How are you managing your nasal blockage. pls share. thank you for this post.

I have a problem in keeping my nose clear and I use Otrivine which works well, I believe I can't keep using this, I need to keep my nose clear at all times as I use oxygen, is there something or some other way of keeping my nose clear.

Many thanks for any reply.

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Use saline spray. or you can make your own. it wont cause harm like otrivin which has rebound effects. but please DONOT use otrivin. it will make your life hell!

Hi Antonio

I used to live in the UK but moved to Spain in 2003. The change of climate did help a bit but not a lot. Then in 2009 I decided it was time to stop.

I used a natural product called 'Olbas Oil' to help me at the beginning. This is a strong inhalant decongestant and you put a couple of drops on your handkerchief or paper tissue and just breathe in the vapor through your nose.

It is entirely natural, a mixture of pure plant oils - cajuput, clove, eucalyptus, juniperberry, levomenthal, mint oil. NO chemicals go into your nasal passages causing you to need to repeat it. .

After 2 weeks of using this whenever I felt 'bunged up' I was able to manage easily without anything. I still feel slightly 'bunged up' at night or when I wake up but that soon passes once I am up and about!

I only use Olbas Oil now when I have a head cold but only for a few days.

I am sure that having a head cold 20 years ago started me on the dreaded 'Otrivin'. Believe me I was 'hooked' on it and this Olbas helped me break the habit.

It is marketed by: G.R. Healthcare Products Ltd., Sisson Rd, Gloucester, England GL2 0GR but there must be a similar product available in the Netherlands if you cannot find it there.

I hope this helps.


Hi Paul,
Thanks a lot for your answer, I appreciate it a lot, I will try to find this product next week when I will be back to NL, may be it is also possible to find it in Italy I will try on Monday in a herbal natural products store .
Thanks again for your answer and I wish you a nice weekend.
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Hello, thanks for telling your story, I'm also addicted by Otrivin , now its more than 25 years that I'm taking them regularly ( 8/10 times a day ) before I was using only the normal Otrivin but since I saw on the market the Otrivin Menthol I'm only buying this last one, I have tried several products but without finding a positive solutions. My wish is to stop with it but I don't know what to do please be a bit more clear in order that I can understand what did you do to stop taking Otrivin. I'm living in the Netherlands but I come from the south of Italy, I saw that when I'm in Italy I took less Otrivin but as soon I'm back to The Netherlands I'm starting again with this poison in a huge way. Please can you give me more details on how did you stop taking Otrivin? Thanks a lot and have a nice day !

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