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It started when i was getting chronic migraines people think i am done taking them. But i cant stop...
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Hi. So i just would like to share with you what i have been going through. So... I was taking them at first for back and sciatica pain I also get migraines like you. I injured my back a long time ago in gymnastics. At first I was prescribed norcos. but soon I was just getting them on the street cuz I have no insurance. I started taking them to get high and bam I was addicted. There was always a basically unlimited amount around me anything u would want vics norcos percs roxies op/oc s loritabs morphine subs u know all the opiates. So as hard as I tried I could never get off them I'd get through like 3 days of withdrawal and be like I can't take it anymore! And it went on for about a year and a half. And more and more I was thinking I don't need to quit yet I'm having fun. I was dating this amazing guy for two years. He struggled with pills as well. Well 4 months ago he mixed the wrong pills and while we were asleep he just stopped breathing. I found him in the morning cold and stiff. Out of nowhere imean he had been taking pills for like 10 years off and on. And he wasn't like way out of control either we were high functioning addicts I guess you could say. That day that he died changed my life forever man... it destroyed me. But i took the methadone we had left and broke it into halves and then some into fourths and I moved an hour n a half away from all my connections. And I just weaned myself off. Because I moved in with my mom and brother who had no idea that I was dependent on opiates. And you know what it worked. Just a little sweaty and achy and very restless at nightbbut it was nothing compaired to full blown withdrawals! And I'd say It's been about3 months clean now. I can't tell you what a relief it is to not have to worry about having pills all the time or getting sick. Though I am having a hard time dealing with my loves death... at least I have a clear head and a lot less added stress. Wow I just realized how long this is I'm sorry! I just... I ended up learning the hard way. And it took one freak accident with these ******* pills to destroy my life. And Jack's life. It could be ten years from now or it could be a year and a half from now. So I hope this will inspire you to quit while you're ahead. I know It's extremely hard to do and overwhelming. It was like the worst thing in the world going through withdrawals. But I can't even tell you how exponentially worse it felt when I woke up and found the man I was going to spend my life with... dead. And you are strong enough. I know you can kick this habit in the ***! Good luck take care of yourself