Roxy Power

Addiction is a really shittty thing. And I hate myself everyday for this addiction I got myself into. Pain killers. Roxys being my favorite choice. It started out a friend just offered me a little, no peer pressure. He was bout to snort a roxy while he was driving so I offered to break it down n **** so I did & and just seeing in like that made me wanna do some. So I did & it was the greatest feeling I've ever had. I was flying & didn't know it. And that was beginning of summer. All summer up till now I have battled with the roxy addiction. A week ago from today I decided to stop, and went clean to a week. My friends didn't really know anything about the addiction, so when my bestfriend wanted to do some for fun yesterday, after me being clean, I was in a tough spot. She knew it was my fav so I couldn't say no & I was too embarrass to admit to the problem. So I did some yesterday & now I'm sitting here thinking about doing more. But I don't really want too I want to be clean. These thought fight with me all the time..I just have to push thru..any words of advice?
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I know it can seem difficult to talk about it with your friends, but is there maybe even just one you could talk to about it? That way, you wouldn't feel so alone in this and would have someone else "looking out" for you in social settings...?? If not, perhaps a change of scenery? Hang in there and don't be afraid to reach out; people can surprise you in the most beautiful of ways sometimes

I actually went thru a withdrawal but wasn't bad at all!! I didn't feel sick only when I needed to use the restroom. I couldn't sleep much but I made it thru & have been doing much better ! I did break a week into it, did it for a week, then stopped & have been clean since! I'm still around it but no as much so I still think about it but I'm hangin in there! Thank you :)