Effects: B&w Film Or Even Daguerreotype

I have reached the conclusion that some of the big reasons holding me back in areas of interest in my life either don't exist anymore or can be overcome or should be overcome.

I have a lot of these areas. One of them is photography. I mainly take what in the rail-fan world are called "record pictures," that is they are a record of something but do not express any emotion, feeling, movement, mood; they are just a record of something someplace at sometime.

I don't expect to get artistic all of a sudden but I am going to try to work at it.

One thing I feel is that in many cases black & white file decreases the distracting effects of color on the picture. So I did some experiments. Not with black & white film which would not fit in my digital SLR but with color images modified by Paint Shop Pro. I have X2. First thing I went to the book and found there is also a Time Machine setting in Effects that will let you give a photo a Daguerreotype appearance as well as several others. I made experiments using both of these PSP tools.

The female nude form is one that commonly is judged more "artistic" in B&W. My female nude experiments are in my photo albums which are available to my adult friends. But I wanted some to post here and not limit it to only adults.

Below is the color picture taken at 1/400 at ƒ5.6 with ISO400.

This of course, is the same picture with the same settings which are perfectly normal for Tri-X, a 400 speed B&W film and the shutter and aperture are reachable with cameras from quite far back.

Then with PSP I undid the B&W and went to Time Machine and asked for Daguerreotype. Those same settings might be unrealistic for a Daguerreotype picture but...

Which do you think is more artistic? Sure if you want to know what the duck really looks like and catch the iridescent shine to his head, I think you need color, no question [side note model railroaders cry over the B&W photos of old equipment because they cannot determine the color to paint their models]. But are the B&W or Daguerreotype a little more artsy, more pleasant to look at.

If anyone would like to replace their ugly old everybody-has-the same-one avatar with one of these ducks I would be happy to supply one in a nice size, free.
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Basically I was saying my color picture was taken with settings that would have been quite normal for Black & White file back 50 years ago but the stopping of the duck was a little unrealistic for the Daguerreotype, cameras weren't that good over a hundred years ago. But the effect is really what we're looking for and I think it works

I definitely like the Time Machine photo. I think the brown brings out a lot more of the detail in the picture and also gives it an artsy vibe. Thanks for sharing this is a great post. I don't understand all of your photo jargon, but I tried. :-)