I Don't Know What I Was Thinking.

So I'm only 16 and it's normal for teenagers to be drinking soda all the time. But my case was a little more intense than that. I started drinking Pepsi when I was nine years old. I remember my mom coming home from the store saying it was on sale so she bought it. I remember thinking how great it tasted whenever I had it. Because my brother and I would ask, my mother kept buying it, not realizing how quickly we would drink it all. I definitely drank a lot of it in comparison to my brother. As time went on, I found myself needing it. Like really NEEDING it. I couldn't sleep or eat unless I had pepsi. I soon found myself drinking about seven or eight cans of it a day. Luckily, I have a fast metabolism, so I never gained weight from it. But it was definitely destroying my energy and health. The more pepsi I drank, the longer I stayed up at night. I lost a lot of sleep and often went to school with only an hour of shut-eye. I could feel my teeth start to feel grimy when I drank it. And I found out that every time you drink excessive amounts of the stuff, it ruins your stomach lining. It also caused me acid reflux. I went weeks at a time drinking nothing but pepsi. No water, milk, anything. A few months ago, I decided to quit and switch to water. Every time I got the urge to drink it, I drank a bottle of water instead. Now water is my primary choice and I have a pepsi or two when we have it in the house which isn't that often anymore since I told my parents what was going on. I weened myself off the stuff and now I drink orange juice, water, and Yoohoo! The doctor said my immune system is stronger and I will have less heartburn. I went seven years with this addiction and I'm glad I quit when I did. So if you think it is harmless, you're terribly mistaken.
lunchanyone lunchanyone
Sep 7, 2012