45 Year Old Pepsi Addict

I an Canadian and drink approx 5-8 710ml bottles a day. I wake up repeatedly throughout the night and have to take drinks of Pepsi. If not I start to get headaches and get shaky. When I get up in the morning I have to open a bottle and swig back a 1/3 bottle of Pepsi. I brush my teeth regularly but in spite of that they are stained dark brown. I feel like crap daily, but if I don't drink my daily. Intake my headaches start up. I am a slave to this drink.
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forachange... I have done that ... before and works for a while... But like I stated.. It's also a emotional addiction... and I often get emotionally driven back to it unconsciously then I recongnize my actions after the fact! ... I know that's terriable but I agree with Norma... It is so HEAVILY ADDICTING Just like crack or ciggrettes... BUT LOL NO WARNING LABLES ECT. .... There should be warning lables! Why there is'nt I wonder? I suppose we'll never know!

lol THANK GOD THERE IS ANOTHER PERSON LIKE ME! To the "T" Everything you said GOES FOR ME TOO Even having to get up in the middle of the night taking drinks of pepsi, and taking a good gulp of pepsi first thing when ya wake up! THATS ME TOO Or I have the same reactions... the headaches start and so on! I AM ALSO SLAVE TO THE DRINK! People think I am kidding when I say I need a caffiene rehab it's the only way I AM GONNA COME OFF FOR GOOD! I have made many attempts of cutting back and not drinking as much , trying to drink more water (((YUCK!!))) ... And it usually does not last long at all!!! OUTSIDE OF THE PHYSICAL ADDICTION It's also a emotional addiction for me... cause I can do good for quite a while not drinking it and the slightest little thing goes wrong, I get pissed at my kids, my husband, something happens at work... and without hesitation I RESORT BACK FULL STEAM AHEAD BACK TO MY PEPSI! ----
Its like a LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP.... Can't live without it!!! , can't live with it!!! BUT I CHOOSE TO LIVE WITH IT! LOL <3

I live here in Canada, so everything is expensive. Normally the six pack of the 710ml go for upwards to $5.49. But when some stores (and I know them all) but it on sale down to $1.97, then I buy a bunch til the next sale goes on, usually they rotate the sales from store to store and I have it down like clock work! As I write this I have a Pepsi by my side and next to me all night to periodically wake up to take a swig.

There is something wrong here. Cig's there are waring labels and such, Pepsi which is controlling me and just as addictive however does not. There needs to be a class action here to get this under control before people are hurt from this. As many times, I brush my teeth, they've still been greatly effected, there is nothing on their labels waring about these side affects, and what it does to our bodies, ridiculous!

you get headaches because its the caffine your addicted to not the sugar. you cant go completely cold turkey it will make you ill....unless you can cope with blinding headaches for days of course...try this...cut down switch every other glass for the caffine free variety then slowly over a month increase the caffine free version so as to get you off the full fat full sugar full caffine version...then you will find it easier and so will your body to switch and come off pepsi altogether