Out of Control Pepsi Addict

I have been drinking pepsi since I can remember. I start everyday with my "morning pepsi", just like most people do with coffee. My day continues with a 44oz fountain pepsi, and maybe 1 more. I drink nothing but pepsi, occasionally a bottle of water, or glass of tea, but I guarantee i dont drink more than maybe 7,  16oz bottles of water a week. Yes a week. I cant bring myself to do it. This isnt a new thing for me but has gone on at least 20 years, I am 35. I need to stop, and I have tried but I guess I am hoping someone has a new idea to share. 

jodeee jodeee
2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Love the story, I am the same way, got to have that morning pepsi, or the day just doesnt go well at all lol. I loved your story I feel like there is another me out there now lol.

I win, I dont drink water at all. Actually, lately Ive been getting up at about 3 in the afternoon so I havent been able to drink so much. And I think they have just changed the formula because my last two 2litre bottles have tasted different...<br />
Anyway, well if you want to stop you can. You've recognised a step you need to take. Its addictive on purpose, so its not just you =]