i never had "the talk" with my mother... i pretty much learned about sex from my friends and internet ****. in biology in school we never talked about "intercourse".. that was all just about pregnancy and periods... nothing about the fun stuff.
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I think **** is changing societies ideas about sex; some for the good making it more of an open topic and for the bad with one sided unrealistic fantasies that people think is normal because they have no real life learning or maturing experience, it's mostly fantasy **** and not real love making that is kinky (what ever that means any more). I like fantasies but I think I know the difference.

LOL I think that is pretty common, such a shame!

So, what ****-discipline is your favorite?

i like those **** casting... i am aware they are fake (or are they), really hot to imagine myself in that position.

I am the same way I never talked to my parents about it and my teachers only talked about stds and protection.

**** is a bad representation. Sex is so much different than **** and there is no depth to ****!

The main trouble with **** is that it's often edited to appear like it lasts much longer and is more intense than real life, creating expectations you may not ever fulfill. It is arousing, however.

i like how you say the fun stuff :P very kinky ring to it .. its a phase eventually you'll get over **** ... all of us go through it

plenty of fun stuff on here...please add

sex can be very fun if you dont put to many stipulations and limits on the opertunities are endless, enjoy your sexuality !