I Am Addicted To Barebacking Prostitutes

I am a white single guy in London UK and I love prostitutes, I only **** bareback, hate rubbers, and I think those girls that take **** and *** from strangers are gorgeous. It is the risk of bareback sex with these girls that turns me on, especially like street girls and black prostitutes and tend to seek the more skanky looking ones, if they are a bit unclean and smelly down there all the better, and love it if there is *** from a previous punter still leaking out.
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51-55, M
2 Responses May 8, 2012

London, and in fact England generally, seems to be a BB'ers paradise. I have done it several times myself there and it is great! I live elsewhere in Europe, also a BB'ers paradise city, and it is so much fun! I can't imagine ever using a condom with a SW ever again, and I really love unloading inside! I'd be curious to know where you find your punts.

Please don't discuss anal sex, Carolina. There exists many outlets and conversations for that activity. I respect your personal choices; however, I don't want to hear about them. And yes, I love naked ***** in Vaginas as well - All Natural.