I Just Can't Stop

Hi there,

I am also on the verge of serious online psychic addiction. After being dumped in the worst way possible by my ex-bf whom I loved like no tomorrow, I needed something to make me feel better.

At first, I went through the usual emotions after a breakup...and then I realised I needed some sort of validation. I just wanted some god-like person to tell me everything was going to be ok, that my ex was going to come back, that he was going to love me like no tomorrow, that he didn't want anyone but me. I chanced on keen.com, signed up for the website, and started talking to advisors. Most of them gave me positive readings, but I wanted to know more. So I would call them up again and search for the answers to the questions that I had in my mind and heart - why did he leave me, was i not good enough, etc. When I would get a positive reading, it would give me a high, and I would be alright that day....but roll on to the next day and then I would start questioning myself again and the so called 'future' that these psychics promised. And stupidly enough, to confirm the 'future' I would call them up again. I would become restless to the point where I would look up which psychics were online and if my favourite psychics were online, I would call them up straight away while I was at work.

It came to the point where I was transferring money from my savings account to pay off my credit card bill for these online psychics. In the last 4 months, I think I have spent about $4000 easy on buying credit on keen.com and talking to psychics, all so I could get hope that things would be better.

I have now run out of money and have a massive credit card bill to pay off. I suddenly woke up and realised that no, this is not healthy for me. I really cannot depend on someone whom I can't even see on the other end of the line to tell me that things will be ok. Only I am responsible for making sure that things will be ok for me. My financial situation is so desperate now that I am trying to sell off old clothes (which I would normally have discarded) and other things for cash which I can deposit into my account.

I still have a massive credit card bill to pay off which I will slowly but surely do. I can't deactivate my keen.com account but I have cancelled the payment methods on the site so that I am not tempted to add more and more money to it. I am also going to disable getting emails from that site from certain advisors sending me free minutes etc.

I don't think there is anything wrong with getting a psychic reading once in a while but there is something wrong if you are solely relying on them to make you feel better. I need to make myself feel better about what happened by doing things that people normally do - like spending time with friends etc.

Do any of you have any more tips for me? I would love to know other stories. Thanks
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I'm a little late to the game here. On the Keen Site, if you go to customer service to send an email, they have an option to cancel the account.

Trust in JESUS with all your heart and he NEVER fail you!!!!

Your story is very similar to mine. I was head over heels for a guy, and also struggling with finances. But i found a way to spend $700-$800/month on Keen.com. I was so ashamed and the only people that i could talk to were these advisors.
This addiction came to an abrupt awakening when i found out this guy who was supposedly my soulmate, twin flame, etc. was getting married. I was motified to say the least. I cried all the time. The advisors told me he was meant to be for me and we would be together. I just needed patience. Didn't happen. Actually, he left me a very nasty comment on a social networking site. It was the very thing that helped me wake up!
Then i started to track how much i was spending, and compared it to what i could have spent it on. My electric bill? Utilities, mortgage, a new car even? I never judge anyone for this addiction, because it is real.
They are not accurate, they just tell you what you need to hear. We are emotionally damaged and will believe anything. I hope you can find your way out, because i am much happier.

This story sounds so familiar. Have you made progress on this?