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I'm casting for a major cable network and we're looking for someone (between the ages of 15-22) who is addicted to psychics to share their story on documentary-style television show. Each episode will share compelling personal stories and may provide medical and psychological perspectives on why patients struggle with these issues.

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31-35, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I became addicted to psychics 10+ years ago after a break up and have spent over $150, 000 until a my inheritance was gone after my dad died when I was 24 and then after my divorce. A psychic predicted my mom would die in Oct of 2007 and she did. I became a psychic reader on myself and am highly rated 5 star advisor but canceled my account after recently spending all my regular income calling psychics about a new guy. So I'm broke and fed up and am ready to deal with my addiction and share my experiences along this journey to help others going through the same thing.