Since April 2012 I have been talking to one psychic on a regular basis. She has been pretty darn accurate about my soon to be ex-husband's sex addiction. I joined a online dating site and she kept saying you will meet this great guy on there and after 3.months did not. Then she told me that I would get this job and I just found out that I did not get it. So after this decided this is it. Today I calculated how much money I have spent......$700.....WOW!!!!!! It is time to listen to my intuition!!!! I was so depressed when I found out that I did not get the job, that when I was driving home felt like crossing the line on the road. Wow, thoughts of suicide from a psychic reading. I cancelled my membership and now feel that I have regained my inner power!!!!!!!
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Thanks, I felt like you
were writing a story about me. I needed to read your story.